Article. 1

The World Student Games Federation (WSGF) is an alliance of Institutes with students but not limited to Educational, Vocational, Industrial, Medical, Professional and Training Institutes and National Student Games Federations and that pursue the common goal of forming nation-linking friendships through the exercising of sports and the arranging of student games and other promotional events.


Article. 2

The goal of the World Student Games Federation is to enable, develop and advance the meeting, understanding and friendship of students from different countries, and to advance the Olympic idea. In this sense, sports competitions are arranged for students. The World Student Games Federation pursues their goals in a non-political, non-denominational and non-racist way.


Article. 3

The headquarters of the World Student Games Federation is in Winnipeg, Canada. The headquarters of the Executive-Committee is the respective place of residence of the Director and Secretary General.


Article. 4

WSGF membership is open for any country’s National Student Games Federations (NSGF) and other National and International Sport Federations and Institutes. There will be one time Federation Registration Fee of US$ 100 (One Hundred US Dollars) plus Annual Fee of US$ 200 (Two Hundred US Dollars) valid till December 31st of that year. Each National Student Games Federation will have one vote. Some of examples but not limited to Educational/Training/Vocational/Distance/Correspondence/Online Schools, Colleges, Universities, Academies etc.  All Institutes that have organized/participated in the International WSGF events may become members but without voting rights.

Article. 4 A

WSGF also offers an Associate Membership to other National and International Federations/Organizations who support our goals (without voting rights) with a Fee of US$ 100 (One Hundred US Dollars) per year for the Associate National Organization (N) and $200 (Two Hundred Dollars) for an Associate International Organization (I). These Associate Member Organizations are NOT authorize to organize Student Games, Competitions with our name and logo without prior pre-approval.

i)   Schools Games Associations/Federations

ii)  College/University Games Associations/Federations

iii)  Any Trade/Institution Organization

iv)  Any other sports Associations/Organizations who support our goals.

Article. 5

Registered/Incorporated National Federations under Non-Profit Act with full membership have the right to nominate the candidate to the World Student Games Federation. The nomination must be signed by the President and Secretary of that National Federation.

Article. 6

The admission of new members can provisionally be undertaken by the Director or Secretary General and subjected to the approval in General Assembly.

Article. 7

Individuals who have made a special contribution to the World Student Games Federation can be admitted as honorary members by the General Assembly.

Article. 8

All membership will be provisional for the first two years and after submission of Registration/Incorporation Certificate. WSGF reserves the right to suspend/terminate the membership anytime without notice if that member federation is not actively participating in our events without any reasonable grounds, Not paid their Annual Membership Fee by Mar 31st for that year, and found notorious/anti WSGF activities or any of it’s office bearer(s), member, partner and guardian organizations by posting comments, pictures, posters etc. on social/official or any media. They must contact WSGF if there is any issue. WSGF may create/affiliate an Ad-hoc committee or another organization to cover the operations/activities.

Membership can be terminated by:

a) Resignation with written explanation,

b) Expulsion by two-thirds majority of the Members attending a General Assembly.

Notification of termination and appeals must be forwarded to WSGF. In the event of a vacancy, the position should be filled by the Director/Secretary General subjected to the approval in next General Assembly.


Article. 9

The Recognized bodies of the World Student Games Federation are:

a) General Assembly,

b) Committee(s),

c) Executive-Committee,

d) National Student Games Federation,

e) Technical Commission

 f) National Coordinator


Article. 10

The General Assembly is the highest executive body of the World Student Games Federation. It concerns itself with the following:

a) The decision concerning questions on principles,

b) The authorization of personnel assignments,

c) The affirmation of the Committees progress reports,

d) The admission and termination of membership,

e) The selection of the Committee, Executive-Committee and up to two (2) Auditors,

f) The decision concerning finances,

g) The decisions concerning changes to statutes and regulations.

Article. 11

The General Assembly meets maximum every two (2) years. This must be announced minimum 30 days in advance. An extraordinary session of the General Assembly, can take place at request of one-third of the members, or by decision of the Committee. For the extraordinary meeting, the 30 days notification period is not necessary.

Article. 12

All resolutions made by the General Assembly are only valid if a quorum is present. A quorum is defined as at least half of the members being present prior to the first vote of the meeting. Executive Board Meeting: 30 days Notice and 3 or more members

Emergency Meeting : 15 days Notice or depends on situation. May call an online/electronic medial meeting.

General Assembly : 30 days Notice and 5 or more members

Normally the meetings will be called during an event but sometimes it may be called without an event. There may be a meeting fee for the special meeting to cover the cost.

 Members may also present online/electronic way and cast their vote/decisions by World Student Games Federation official e-mail

a) All decisions will be made by the simple majority of members present, with the exception of those cases for which a special regulation can be found in the statutes.

b) Each member has one vote. This right to vote can only be exercised by representative with written authorization of the member.


Article. 13

The Committee is the executing body of the World Student Games Federation (WSGF). Its concerns itself with the following:

a) The preparation for the General Assembly,

b) The execution of resolutions by the General Assembly,

c) The set-up and up-keep of contacts,

d) The selection of the cities where World Student Games will be hosted and coordination of the dates of events,

e) The supervision of the preparations for the World Student Games or other promotional International Events,

f) The control of adherence to sport rules during the execution of International WSGF Events,

g) The resolutions concerning cost participation at the International events,

h) The cultivation of contact among the members,

i) The convening of an extraordinary General Assembly in the case of a resignation of the president or with the written request of at least one-third of the Members.

j) The Committee has the right to nominate up to four (4) persons to the Committee for the General Assembly elections.

k) If there is no one to take responsibility of organizing the International WSGF event(s) Director reserves the right to organize the event where he feels comfortable.

Article. 14

The Committee consists of a maximum of nineteen (19) members. For a period of four (4) years, the following will be elected from the General Assembly: president, two vice-presidents, treasurer, secretary, two members of the Executive Committee, and up to twelve (12) members.

Article. 15

Candidates for president, vice president, treasurer, and two members of the Executive Committee are elected if they receive more than one-half of the submitted votes. Committee members are elected by receiving the top twelve (12) greatest number of votes. Re-election is possible. General, Executive or Election Assembly can only be called by the Director or Secretary General.

Article. 16

A National Federation can be represented by up to three (3) members on the Committee except the originating country which can be more.

Article. 17

The Committee meets at least once in a two years period. The meeting must be announced at least thirty days in advance. The call for a meeting must be initiated by the Director or Secretary General or at the request of the least five (5) members. The invitation and agenda must in principal be delivered fifteen days in advance of the meeting.

Article. 18

The Committee constitutes a quorum when at least five members are present. All decisions are reached by a simple majority. In case of a tie the Director’s vote is the deciding factor.

Article. 19

In the event of a vacancy, the position may be filled by the Director/Secretary General and subjected to the approval in next General Assembly.


Article. 20

The concerns of the current administration and urgent decisions between Committee meeting will be handled by the Executive Committee.

Article. 21

The Executive Committee consists of the World Student Games Federation president, two vice-presidents, treasurer, secretary general and two at-large members.

Article. 22

The president is responsible for the overall leadership of the World Student Games Federation. His specific duties are in particular:

a) To arrange funds for the World Student Games Federation events and office running properly.

b) Observance of contacts between Committee members,

c) Signing of all documents with secretary general which signify an obligation on the part of the World Student Games Federation’s events. In the absence of the president, one of the vice-presidents can sign on behalf of the World Student Games Federation,

d) The provision of a business report for presentation to the General Assembly with the help of secretary general or director.

In the absence of the president, the office will presided by one of the vice-presidents.

Article. 23

One of the vice-presidents is responsible for the work of the Technical Commission. In the absence of the president, the office will be represented by the vice-presidents with the same rights and responsibilities, according to Art. 21.

Article. 24

The Treasurer is responsible for the finances as per Canadian law. His responsibilities are in particular:

a) Suggestions and efforts for the procurement of currency for the payment of the administration of the Committee and the Executive-Committee,

b) Keeping of accounts and books for the World Student Games Federation,

c) Investment of assets of the World Student Games Federation,

d) Payment of invoices with the consent of the Director,

e) Prepare an annual budget for the World Student Games Federation,

f) Provision of a financial report to the General Assembly.

Article. 25

The Secretary is responsible for the administration and reporting of the World Student Games. His responsibilities are in particular the handling of written correspondence and the setting up of meeting’s protocol and announcements. All operational costs for the secretariat should be reimbursed by the World Student Games Federation.

Article. 26

The members of the Executive Committee are honorary positions except the Director. Personal expenses which arise out of such duties, may be reimbursed if preapproved and in budget.

The membership can be terminated by:

a) Resignation,

b) Violating rules of the World Student Games Federation,

c) A member not attending 2 consecutive meetings.

Article. 27

Executive Committee meetings can be attended by guests, but without voting right, provided they have been invited.

Article. 28

The decisions made by the Executive Committee must be confirmed by the Committee at their next meeting or by written or electronic vote.


Article. 29

The upto two auditors cannot be members of the Committee. Before each General Assembly, with the exception of an extraordinary Assembly, they must audit the accounts and books of the World Student Games Federation and give a report to the General Secretary before Assembly.


Article. 30

The Technical Commission consists of ten (10) members appointed by the World Student Games Federation.

In special cases the Technical Commission may be extended with additional temporary members. The decision must be approved by the Executive Committee.

Chairman of the Technical Commission may be one of the Vice Presidents.

Responsibilities of the Technical Commission are:

a) To set up rules and regulations of the sports offered at the Games,

b) To monitor rules and regulations of the sports competitions,

c) To enforce the adherence of the sports rules,

d) To cooperate with and monitor the preparation by the host organization regarding the execution of the sports offered at the Games.


Article. 31

National Federations/Associations are recognized by the by World Student Games Federation with adherence to all of the following:

a) A majority vote of National Student Games Federation Committee,

b) A minimum of one (1) city/institution in that country must have hosted the Games or willing to host the Games,

c) A minimum of three (3) cities/institutions in that country has participated in the Games or willing to participate the Games,

d) A letter requesting recognition is submitted by a minimum of two executive/sports officers in that country.

National Federations/Associations can set up their own statutes that support the ideals of World Student Games Federation and cannot contradict the World Student Games Federation Statutes.

National Federations/Associations can use the World Student Games Federation logo and must provide an annual report of activities to the World Student Games Federation Director.


Article. 32

The World Student Games can be carried out in Summer or Winter depending on the participation and development of World Student Games Federation activities. Director or President or Secretary General reserves the right to include any games which seems have potential players and officials to conduct the games. There may be different events for Summer Games and Winter Games.  In World Student Games there must minimum

a) Two or more sport disciplines

b) Three or more countries (at per initial confirmation/registration or interested countries)

c) Three or more city’s players/teams/officials/Observers

d) Three or more city’s Educational/Vocational/Training Institutions

The list of sport disciplines in the World Student Games depends on the interested teams worldwide and may change according to the registered players/teams of any sport discipline during an actual event. WSGF or its member National Student Games Federation may contact International/World/National or local sport federation/association/organization for possible cooperation and partnership but WSGF and member National or State/Provincial organizations don’t need any permission from those local sport(s) federation/associations to organize their Games/Events unless WSGF members uses the name and logo of that sport(s) federation/association legal name/entity. WSGF reserves the right to edit the list of game(s) anytime depending on the availability of the two or more players/teams of the said game.  May be in some cases player(s)/teams may not come to attend the games due to visa, increased air ticket expenses and other issues and only one player/team is available. In such case that present single player/team may be available to and will be promoted to the next category if possible. Organizing Committee, Technical Commission may award first place to that team if no competition team is available and depends on credibility of that team or will be awarded participation certificates because that player/team may have spent big bucks to compete that event. World Student Games Federation don’t want to demoralize the player(s)/team(s) and focus/accommodate the player(s)/team(s) future participation of that player(s)/team(s) in WSGF events. WSGF may invite National Student Games Federation, National School Games Federation, National University Sports Federation, Member International, National Associate Organization and any other similar Federation with similar goals for the Student sports participation in the World Student Games.

Article. 33

All Games must be approved by the WSGF. Technical regulations of the World Student Games are those adopted rules of the respective International Sports Federations. WSGF, Organizing Committee and Technical Commission reserve the right to amend the rules to accommodate the situation.

Article. 34

All sports regulations for each Games must be approved by the Technical Commission. Any abusive or aggressive behaviour will be not be tolerated against WSGF or any of it’s Official(s) by the player/team and that player(s), team may be disqualified from the event. Once any player/team is disqualified, no certificate(s) will be awarded.

Article. 35

Each of the World Student Games or WSGF Events participating teams/players must pay a participation fee, the amount of which is prescribed in the WSGF Tournament Guide to Entry, paid to the account of the World Student Games Federation. There may be separate Player’s Registration Fee and Event Insurance other than Participation Fee and Membership Fee. Once any fee is paid to WSGF will not be refundable in any circumstances. WSGF may issue the Certificate of Registration/Participation to those players who have paid for their Player’s Registration/Participation Fee but couldn’t participate due to any reason. This may continue till the WSGF Recognition with International Olympic Committee (IOC) to cover WSGF operational cost. If there is any concern about issuing these certificates to the player(s)/team(s) then registrant’s highest National Sports Authority (NSA) may have an objection in written with the reason and possible solution. In such a case between WSGF and NSA, the concern will be taken to the next WSGF General Assembly (GA) for review. Only one certificate will be awarded to one person regardless of multiple events/rounds in that category/bout unless she/she has paid the fee for multiple events. During an WSGF event WSGF and it’s officials/organizers will try their best for the first aid on site but may not possible at any/every location/venue Each Country team(s)/player(s) and officials(s) must have their Travel and Medial Insurance for the event.  WSGF will not be liable for any personal loss, damage, injury in rental, contracted or public property.


Article. 36

Here is the list of some eligible but not limited to Educational, Technical, Vocational, Training/Trade Schools, Colleges, Academies Colleges for an idea: –

Aviation Students                             Building Education Students

Banking Students                             Corporate Students

Computer Students                          Correspondence Education Students

Diesel Mechanic Students              Distance Education Students

Engineering Students                      Finance and Accounting Students

Handyman Trades Students (Plumbing, Electric, Refrigeration & Gas etc.)

Hospitality Students                        Leadership Students

Logistics Students                            Medical Students

Management Students                    Nursing Students

Online Education Students            Polytechnic Students

Risk Management Students           Supply Chain Management (SCM) Students


Article. 37

Participating athletes must reside or attend school/college/Academy/Institute in the city in which they represent or have the ID they represent. WSGF focuses on all types of students/trainees as far as they are students of any institute. There is NO AGE LIMIT because Student’s has no age limit. Anyone can take admission in any course in any age due family situation, relocation, motivation, immigration into new country and various other situations and may have to update/validate their home/previous country education etc.


Article. 38

The symbols of the World Student Games Federation are:

a) The flag/logo which shows 70 players playing various sports in a circle in the colors of red, blue and black with multiple countries flags outside this circle outlined with black color and World Student Games Federation printed in red color in circle and CANADA in the bottom of the outer circle. Two black and one red star on the left side of the CANADA and same on right side.

b) Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals will be awarded to the players and mementos or trophies to the officials/teams.

d) The logo of the World Student Games Federation.

Article. 39

The working language of the Games is English.


Article. 40

In case of dissolution of the World Student Games Federation, the entire assets will be turned over to another international sports organization as mentioned during the registration or incorporation of World Student Games Federation.